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Monday, 03 September 2012 20:26

Thad Wilson Quartet becomes impromptu trio

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On Saturday night, HR-57 had scheduled the Thad Wilson Quartet. The start of the gig featured Wilson on trumpet and vocals, Darius Scott on piano, Kent Miller on bass, and Sam Prather on drums.

Who wasn't featured at the end of the gig was Wilson.

Wilson and the ensemble were a handful of tunes into the first set when the trumpeter took a moment to muse on his being an "auxiliary instrument," with the drums, bass, and - often - piano being the necessary foundation of any jazz group playing a club. Usually serving as bandleader, he continued, this fact was usually hidden as he was inevitably out front but he intended to highlight this by stepping off the bandstand to feature the trio with a tune of their choosing.

He didn't return.

Whether the words foreshadowed his intent or proved accidentally prophetic, Wilson made his way toward the stage as the tune was reaching an end, gathered his instrument, stand, case, and keys from under the piano, shared a quick word in Scott's ear, and departed.

At the conclusion of the tune, amidst questions called out from the audience, Scott was only able to speculate that there was possibly of a family emergency.

Impressively, the freshly minted trio didn't miss a beat. For the balance of the night, Scott, Miller and Prather demonstrated consummate class and skill, crafting an impromptu set list of finely performed tunes to close out an unexpected night.

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Thad Wilson Quartet at HR-57

Darius Scott on piano with the Thad Wilson Quartet at HR-57

Kent Miller on bass with the Thad Wilson Quartet at HR-57

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